About Us

Welcome to SS News Agency

ssnewsagency.com is India’s most trusted news brand. We’re proudly independent and have no agenda when it comes to political disputes – but we won’t hesitate to call out injustice or wrongdoing when we see it, no matter who’s doing it.

Our coverage of the news doesn’t stop at the headline but digs deep with people-focused stories that reveal the truth of life in India, explainers that make politics plain, and vibrant coverage of social and cultural talking points.

The agency’s mission has always been to convey fast, impartial, and reliable news to the media market. A wide range of services have been added over time: images feature packages, infographics, news video TV clips, a press release system, and a 24/7 news update service for digital platforms.

Who do I contact if I have a question about SS News Agency or would like to suggest a product to test?

Please email us at support@ssnewsagency.com